Exchange Foreign Coins

Change your unwanted foreign coins for cash today!

What can you do with old foreign coins? Selling them on Ebay simply isn't worth the effort or the listing charge. A few people might be able to use them for crafts, children's toys or to donate to a school learning about currency, but for the vast majority, those just aren't viable options. And of course there's no chance of being able to exchange foreign coins at a bank.

However, now you can exchange foreign coins for useful cash quickly, easily and with no bother. It doesn't matter whether they're all one currency or a mixture. We will buy all coins and banknotes that are currently legal tender in their own countries, and also many older coins that are not.

You simply send them off to us, we will carefully sort and value them, and then make you an offer. If you accept it, we will send the money quickly to your bank account or Paypal account, or alternatively we can send you a cheque. If you would rather not accept it, then we will send you back your coins 100% free of charge. However, we exchange foreign coins at very competitive prices, so we don't think you will be disappointed.

Packing you foreign coins

It's important to pack your coins carefully when you send them to us. For smaller amounts, we suggest sealing them in an envelope, then securing it with lots of sticky tape, then repeating the same process with another envelope and finally putting it in a third envelope with our official address label.

For larger amounts, do something similar using tough carrier bags instead of envelopes, and use a sturdy cardboard box as your final layer. Don't pack a box that's too heavy for you to lift without help. 26 kg per box is our limit. You're welcome to send us more coins than this, but do it in several batches.

Once everything is securely packed up, just let us know about how big the parcel is and we will send you a prepaid courier label. What you do next depends on how heavy it is. For weights under 750 grams, you will be better off using sending it Royal Mail recorded delivery, but if it's heavier than that, you can drop it off at one of 4500 collection points around the country, to be picked up by our specialist courier. If you have over 5 kg, then this service is absolutely free. If you have less, we will subsidise it: £3.99 for up to 2 kg, and £4.99 for 2-5 kg. If you are sending a really large volume of coins, over 10 kg, then we will send the courier to you instead.

It will take about three to fourteen days for us to count the coins you send us. We use a mixture of the latest technology and good old-fashioned human expertise to make sure we offer you the best price we can. We'll give you a total for all the coins you've sent, plus a separate entry for any that are or might be collector's items. Unfortunately there may be some old coins we can't offer you a price for. We'll let you know about those too.

It's up to you what you do next. If you would rather decline our offer, that's absolutely fine. We'll simply send you your coins back at no cost to you. But if you're happy with our offer and would like to exchange foreign coins with us, just let us know. We can transfer your money directly into your bank account, and alternatively we can now pay you by Paypal too. If you would prefer a cheque, we have to charge £1.50 administration costs, though if you have chosen to exchange foreign coins on behalf of a charity, we're happy to sort it out for free.

Charity Fundraising

It's becoming an increasingly popular choice for charities to exchange foreign coins to raise funds. It can be done on anything from the smallest scale – simply searching your house for any money you've got left from holidays and asking us to donate the proceeds to your favourite cause; to the largest – co-ordinating a nationwide campaign for all your supporters to donate. It's great for schools who are fundraising for a new piece of equipment, and some workplaces even do it as a teambuilder.

So to recap. You can exchange foreign coins with us by following three very easy steps:

1. Send your foreign or old coins and notes to us using the correct secure delivery method for the parcel's weight.

2. We will sort them and count them as quickly as we can.

3. We pay you. It's really that simple!

And if you're not 100% satisfied with our offer we will simply send you your coins back, absolutely free of charge.

In a nutshell, if you want to exchange foreign coins, we offer you highly competitive rates, along with a quick, convenient, courteous service.